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At Southern Elite Contracting, details matter. Our Punchout Vendors and Subcontractors are the final guardians of quality, ensuring every project is polished to perfection before handover. They meticulously review and address minor issues, ensuring each space we complete meets our stringent standards of excellence. If you're a punchout specialist with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering flawless finishes, we invite you to be the closing touch on our construction masterpieces.

Your 1 Stop Contractor' and phone number 770-789-3789 for immediate service

Skills Needed

  • Detail-Oriented: Ability to identify and address minor imperfections and finishing details.

  • Tool Proficiency: Knowledge in using a variety of hand and power tools for repairs and adjustments.

  • Problem-Solving: Quick thinking to find solutions for unexpected issues or client concerns.

  • Material Knowledge: Familiarity with various construction materials to make appropriate repairs or adjustments.

  • Time Management: Efficiently handling multiple tasks and ensuring timely completion of punch list items.

  • Communication: Ability to liaise effectively with other team members and communicate with clients regarding final adjustments.

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