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Asbestos Specialist

At Southern Elite Contracting, we prioritize health and safety above all. Our Asbestos Specialist Vendors and Subcontractors are essential in identifying and safely removing hazardous asbestos materials. Their expertise ensures our properties are not only free from these harmful substances but also adhere to all regulatory standards. If you're an asbestos specialist with a commitment to thorough inspections, safe removals, and ensuring clean environments, we invite you to join our mission to protect and preserve our projects.

Asbestos Vendor Position Southern Elite Contracting INC Call 770-789-3789

Skills Needed

  • Safety: Understands asbestos risks and follows strict safety protocols.

  • Identification: Detects and assesses asbestos-containing materials.

  • Containment: Sets up secure zones during removal.

  • Removal & Disposal: Safely extracts and disposes of asbestos.

  • Equipment: Operates protective gear and specialized tools.

  • Regulations: Complies with local to federal asbestos guidelines.

  • Documentation: Maintains records for regulatory and insurance purposes.

  • Communication: Engages effectively with all stakeholders.

  • Continuous Learning: Keeps updated on industry best practices.

  • Physical Stamina: Works in protective gear in varied conditions.

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