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As a Sales Representative for Southern Elite Contracting INC., your role is multifaceted and pivotal to our operations. You will act as a project manager, being the primary liaison between our clients and our team.
Your responsibilities include-

  • Visiting client sites for assessments

  • Accurately measuring and estimating labor and material costs

  • Creating comprehensive project supplements

  • Negotiate with insurance adjusters to advocate for our client's benefits

  • Schedule vendors for property work

  • Ensure project success from start to finish
    This role requires a blend of technical knowledge, customer service skills, and project management expertise, making it critical to our mission of delivering elite quality service.


Thank you for considering this opportunity with us. By submitting your details, you're taking the first step towards sub-contracting with our dynamic team. Please note that the roles we offer are 1099 positions, not W2. This distinction is essential to understand as it affects your tax and employment status. After you've submitted your details, you can expect a callback from our team within a few days. We appreciate your patience and interest, and we look forward to possibly working together.

Image by Nick Fewings
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