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Crafting an outdoor oasis requires a keen eye for design, combined with an understanding of nature's elegance. At Southern Elite Contracting INC, our elite landscaping team, in partnership with seasoned subcontractors, is committed to transforming your exterior spaces into breathtaking landscapes. From lush gardens to intricate stone paths, our service proficiency is evident in the high-quality landscaping solutions we offer:

  • Garden Design & Planting: Curating a vibrant mix of flora to complement your property.

  • Lawn Maintenance & Installation: Ensuring a lush, green canvas year-round.

  • Hardscape Construction: Building patios, walkways, and retaining walls with precision and style.

  • Water Features: Creating serene ponds, fountains, and waterfalls for a touch of tranquility.

  • Outdoor Lighting: Strategically placing lights to enhance the beauty and safety of your landscape.

"Before landscaping: A stark commercial exterior with bare ground awaiting transformation by Southern Elite Contracting INC's expert landscaping team.
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