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Transforming spaces and breathing new life into properties is our passion at Southern Elite Contracting INC. Our team of elite experts, in collaboration with top-tier subcontractors, brings a harmonious blend of creativity, service excellence, and quality to each remodeling project. Whether it's a room refresh or a complete home overhaul, we've got you covered with our comprehensive remodeling services which include:

  • Design Consultation: Personalized sessions to capture and conceptualize your vision.

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades: Modernizing these key spaces with the latest trends and amenities.

  • Flooring Replacement: Introducing new textures and materials to elevate your interiors.

  • Wall & Ceiling Modifications: From paint jobs to structural changes, reshaping rooms to suit your tastes.

  • Custom Installations: Tailored fixtures, cabinetry, and architectural elements to make your space truly unique.

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