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At Southern Elite Contracting, paint is a big part of making homes feel like new again, especially after insurance repairs. We rely on our Painter Vendors and Subcontractors to get the job done right. They help ensure every painted surface looks great and lasts. If you're a painter who knows the ins and outs of home repairs and takes pride in your work, we'd like to team up with you.

Painter Vendor Positions Southern Elite Contracting INC Call 770-789-3789

Skills Needed

  • Material Knowledge: Understands paints, primers, and finishes and their application methods.

  • Surface Prep: Readies surfaces for painting to ensure durability and smoothness.

  • Brush & Roller: Uses brushes and rollers for even finishes without imperfections.

  • Spraying: Skilled with paint sprayers for various finishes.

  • Detail-Oriented: Ensures neat edges, protected fixtures, and a clean workspace.

  • Measurement & Mixing: Calculates paint needs and adeptly mixes colors/textures.

  • Safety: Adheres to safety guidelines and uses appropriate PPE.

  • Aesthetic Sense: Understands color interactions and room aesthetics.

  • Communication: Interacts effectively with clients and team.

  • Continuous Learning: Stays updated on painting trends and techniques.

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