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Project Manager

At Southern Elite Contracting, Project Managers are essential. They strategize and steer projects with a commitment to elite service and quality, working in tandem with independent contractors. Acting as a nexus between innovative ideas and concrete results, their zeal for collaborative achievement drives each project. If you're organized, flourish in cooperative environments, and are adept at bringing plans to fruition, this opportunity caters to your unique skill set. 

Project Manager Positions Southern Elite Contracting INC Call 770-789-3789

Skills Needed

  • Claim Understanding: Knowledge of insurance claim processes and requirements to ensure smooth project transitions.

  • Contractor Coordination: Ability to liaise with and manage subcontractors efficiently, ensuring timely and quality work.

  • Budgeting & Financial Management: Aptitude for developing and maintaining project budgets, ensuring projects remain within financial parameters.

  • Scheduling & Time Management: Expertise in creating and adhering to timelines, juggling multiple projects concurrently.

  • Stakeholder Communication: Strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with clients, insurance representatives, and internal teams.

  • Risk Management: Ability to anticipate, identify, and mitigate potential project risks.

  • Technical Knowledge: Familiarity with repair methodologies and construction principles.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Understanding of local construction codes, safety regulations, and insurance protocols.

  • Problem-Solving: Aptitude to address unexpected challenges swiftly and effectively.

  • Documentation & Reporting: Proficiency in maintaining clear project documentation and providing regular status updates.

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