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Water Mitigation

At Southern Elite Contracting, we recognize that water damage can be both a silent and sudden adversary. Our Water Mitigation Vendors and Subcontractors are on the front lines, swiftly addressing and preventing potential harm to properties. Their expertise in detecting, halting, and reversing water damage is invaluable, ensuring our clients' spaces remain safe and restored to their best state. If you're a water mitigation expert dedicated to prompt action and thorough solutions, we welcome you to be an integral part of our restoration efforts.

Water Mitigation Vendor Positions Southern Elite Contracting INC Call 770-789-3789

Skills Needed

  • Assessment Aptitude: Swiftly evaluates water damage to strategize optimal mitigation.

  • Safety Focus: Recognizes hazards associated with water damage and adheres to strict safety measures.

  • Equipment Mastery: Skilled in operating equipment like dehumidifiers, extractors, and air movers for efficient water removal.

  • Moisture Detection: Utilizes moisture meters and thermal cameras to uncover hidden moisture areas.

  • Sanitization Expertise: Ensures affected areas are sanitized to thwart mold growth and other risks.

  • Material Knowledge: Understands the water absorption rates and treatments for various materials.

  • Communication Prowess: Engages effectively with all stakeholders for clarity in the mitigation process.

  • Problem-Solving: Tackles unexpected challenges, from hidden moisture to mold occurrences.

  • Documentation Skills: Maintains detailed records of the mitigation, including photos and damage notes, for insurance purposes.

  • Continuous Growth: Remains updated on the latest in water mitigation techniques and tools.

  • Team Collaboration: Works harmoniously within a team to ensure efficient mitigation.

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